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In a world of fast-paced life and over busy schedules, it is so easy to make being a Christian and church a check on a checklist. Here at I Am we want to show you that there's so much more in living for God. It's about being a community and enjoying the fellowship and serving with others. We know that life can be stressful enough on its own, but know it's so worth it when life is revolved around serving one another and the community around us. We have plenty of avenues to get you connected so that you can grow, be discipled and show others about the change Jesus has done in your life. We believe our city El Paso needs people who are hungry to grow in God and show his love. 


101 Class

Come join our 101 Class. It's an opportunity to come and learn about what I Am is all about and our dreams for El Paso and the community surrounding it. It's a four-week class that takes place quarterly. It's our desire for you to know what we stand on and why we stand on it.​​​


God Loves Us
It is imperative that our journey and adventure with God starts with His perfect and divine love for us. He desires for us to know who He is intimately.


Who God Wants Us To Be
God wants us to know Him and for us to trust His words. He doesn't just give us senseless things to strive for, but He desires for us to choose righteousness so He can show us what a life dependent on Him can be.


How Do We Fit In the Church
As we grow in discipleship it's important that we learn how we fit into the church; not only as the body of believers everywhere but in the place we have decided to serve and entrust ourselves to. God wants us to serve the brothers and sisters around us. Let us help you find where that is.


We Were Meant To Serve
Our 101 class ends with serving the community and world around us. We cannot allow ourselves to forget that we were called to serve, not to be served. Jesus made it abundantly clear that while here on this earth if we love Him then we love others and serve them. We want to help develop true disciples that are not self-focused, but Christ-focused.

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Community Involvement

As you may notice, the longer you are here at I Am Church you'll see that we love the privilege that we have to help the community around us. If you are aware of a specific need in El Paso our community or want to be a part of serving the community please let us know, so we can connect you.

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